Axisjaya was incorporated in 2004 and has since proven itself a formidable player in the construction industry, both locally and internationally, reflecting its vision of “Venturing Beyond Boundaries”. Its experience in projects of various scales has seen Axisjaya growing in leaps and bounds with the undertaking of small-scale housing developments to townships, landed properties to high rises, residential development to commercial, private projects and government buildings, with project value exceeding RM2 billion.

The exuberant energy that drives this success comes with an empowered team. The team comprises competent talents specifically selected for their qualifications, expertise and experiences geared to handle the most demanding and challenging scenarios in the construction arena.

With its proven track record and dedication to excellence, Axisjaya Sdn Bhd is supportive of every project that focuses on achieving results, building upon its reputation as one of the country’s most dynamic and versatile contractors. As part of its seamless business operations, Axisjaya offers a broad spectrum of services in the areas of construction, design and build, furnishing and renovation, conservation, project feasibility studies, project management and project planning.



“Venturing Beyond Boundaries” – We aspire and strive towards building a strong global presence backed by experience and expertise.


We aim to deliver our commitment towards the success of each project through cost-effective management and timely completion without compromising on quality in every project entrusted to us.


To uphold the company’s founding values of working diligently and consistently from base to completion with solid results and uncompromising quality.

To carry out all projects undertaken by working with mutual respect with our stakeholders.

To expand and share knowledge acquired in each project endeavor, continuously grow and evolved through experiences to ensure results-oriented performances.


We are committed towards delivering each project undertaken with dedication and focus on precision, quality and consistency progressively right through till completion.

Planning with Cost-Efficiency

We believe in working closely with our clients to ensure the maximum stretch of cost-efficiency to the best of our abilities without compromising on quality.

Timely Delivery

We shall work closely with clients to identify potential aspects attributing to progressive work requirements to ensure timely delivery.

Quality Assurance

We have a showcase of completed project portfolios in all scales attesting to our proven track record in quality assurance. We continue to strive to deliver high quality in all future projects we undertake.

Continuously Evolving through Improvements

In Axisjaya there is no room for complacency. It is our earnest intention to continue learning from every breakthrough in technology, engineering and industrial expertise that could contribute to strengthening our team’s capabilities.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Peter Drucker

A future envisioned can be one created but it takes more than just a thought or a proposition. An organization needs leaders with visionary stance. Leaders that form and build a workforce with missionary single-mindedness, drive them towards excellence. Together as one conglomerate unit, they thrive with tenacity to create the future and bring it to life-size fruition.



Group Managing Director

Datuk Benny Hoe, a true entrepreneur at heart, had his first successful business venture at the tender age of 13 years. He leads by example and his hard work is constant with his inspiration and motivation for the team to strive for greater inclusive yet cohesive success. Datuk Benny Hoe is the very epitome of a visionary with profound farsightedness and intuitive insights into seeing the true values of the fundamentals in life as well as venturing into new frontiers boldly.

A self-taught businessman with humble beginnings, his philosophy is that every single day should produce some degree of achievement, and every day we should do better than how we have done before; that is how we can become winners in life.

Having started his fledgling days in the furnishing industry after leaving college, he then rose to become the main contractor for global firms like Shimizu Corporation of Japan to helm projects for Isetan Worldwide in Malaysia and Singapore. Subsequently, he partnered with Samsung C & T in handling their international projects in Bangladesh and South Africa. In the process, he made a successful entry into the construction industry and has never looked back from then on.

Prior to the incorporation of Seri Mutiara Development, he has seen through the successes of Axisjaya, a construction firm he founded with business activities in civil construction and trading, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering.

His background and experiences have given him a strong desire to give back to the society. With this is mind, he has been participating in numerous charitable projects as well as provided financial support particularly to several national athletes and badminton players. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Governors of SBK Integrated Schools.


Executive Director

A skilled company administrator by profession, Dato’ Chai has an impressive 10 years of exposure in the property industry in his tenure as the General Manager for a property developer firm.

Dato’ Chai has also been an active participant in politics for the last 18 years and currently presides as the Senator of Parliament of Malaysia, MCA National Deputy Organizing Secretary, MCA Presidential Council Members, and Central Committee MCA.


The Success of Teamwork

There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit – Ralph Waldo Emrson


Head of Construction

To transform a piece of land into a township, one requires an eye for a good location, the architectural hindsight for an individualistic yet bankable design. Having done that, it defeats the purpose if one doesn’t have the expertise to build, mold and shape these into desirable objects of ownership.
The Head of Construction, currently in charge of project management, contract planning and procurement. Civil engineer Lim takes it in stride to handpick, develop and build into shape his unique team of skilled manpower to tackle all types of development projects catering to diverse market requirements. A man of action, he does not hesitate to put his honed experience of 12 years in the Consultant and Construction industry to guide and empower the team towards performance-oriented results.
An Honours Degree holder in Civil Engineering from University Malaysia Sabah, Lim was a design engineer for consultant firm prior to joining Axisjaya Sdn Bhd.


M&E General Manager

Joined Axisjaya Sdn Bhd as M&E general manager since 2014, Ir. Wong is an Electrical Professional Engineer registered with Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and Institute Engineers Malaysia (IEM) with extensive knowledge in budget and vendor management. His active involvement in safety, health and environment issues and professional experience particularly in project management, M&E contracting planning and building maintenance service adds up to 20 years of solid experience in these fields.
He also specializes in the design of high voltage and low voltage distribution systems including relay protection schemes and sizing of transformers, switchgears, circuit breakers, motors, battery chargers, capacitor banks, cables, generators, MATV, etc.
Ir. Wong’s position entails undertaking responsibilities of handling sizeable projects that require the competency and capability of his caliber.


General Manager, Contracts & Procurement

Chan Swee Aik is presently the General Manager, Contracts & Procurement of Axisjaya. He holds a Professional Certificate of Building and Construction Management from Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) in 1995 and has todate more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry. As the General Manager, Contracts & Procurement of Axisjaya, Chan leads the business unit in the management and coordination of project costing, including charting progressive project contract liaisons with internal and external consultants and planners. Being a visionary leader, he is also primarily responsible for the overall strategic direction of project cost control including presentations of variation orders as well as monitoring and tracking of contractor final account settlements for the higher management’s review and approval.



Senior Manager, Project

Kwang Kee Heng was appointed as Project Manager of Axisjaya Sdn. Bhd. in 2008. He graduated with a Bachelor (Hons) in Civil Engineering from University Malaysia Sabah, Sabah 2004. He has more than 10 years of professional experience in particularly in project management. He also has served in numerous engineer positions in various constructions in Malaysia. His past tenure in construction companies has listed his capabilities to manage the projects involving the developments of high residential buildings, handling infrastructure works such as earthworks and road works.